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Colonial Research Project: Massachusetts

The Unique Nature of Your Colony/State

Massachusetts - The Royal Colony

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Links for Massachusetts

Google Books search

There are many Google books on the Massachusetts colony but remember, Google does not give access to the full book, just parts of it.


Google Book Search

Google Scholar Articles

Search right in the box below for Google articles.

Google Scholar Search

Massachusetts Museums

TIP: Museum workers (called museologists) love attention. So if you get stuck on a fine point in your research, I suggest actually calling up a Museum Curator. I know, radical, huh?

JSTOR - Database

A sampling of articles in JSTOR:

Conceptions of Idiocy in Colonial Massachusetts

Democracy in Colonial Massachusetts

The Militia of Colonial Massachusetts

Governmental Accounting in Colonial Massachusetts

Restriction of Representation in Colonial Massachusetts

The Standard of Living in Colonial Massachusetts

The Rule of Law in Colonial Massachusetts

John Saffin: Slavery and Racism in Colonial Massachusetts

Change and Continuity, Practice and Memory: Native American Persistence in Colonial New England

Amazon Kindle

Search Amazon for a kindle book.  The library will buy it and lend you a Kindle device.