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Colonial Research Project: New Jersey

The Unique Nature of Your Colony/State

Links for New Jersey the Colony

Google Books

There are many titles for the Colony of New Jersey:



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New Jersey - The Colony

Colonies declare themselves INDEPENDENT of the King of England. 1776 - From our database

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New Jersey State Library

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Ebrary - Search 80,000 e-books

Ebrary: 80,000 e-book collection

Examples of book titles:

Memory of All Ancient Customs : Native American Diplomacy in the Colonial Hudson Valley

JSTOR - Database

I see many "reviews" of books for Colonial New Jersey. A review does not give the text of the book, but if you can make a list of titles then you can look for them in Ebrary (our 83,000+ e-book collection)

Book Review Titles:

Colonial New Jersey: A History by John E. Pomfret

An Introduction to Crime and Punishment in Colonial New Jersey by Harry B. Weiss, Grace M. Weiss

An Unprov'd Experiment: Religious Pluralism in Colonial New Jersey by Douglas G. Jacobsen


YouTube videos

YouTube contains videos on the colonies by other students, so the information will only be as good as the student!

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