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Salon Project - The Great Thinkers: Arendt

Emma Goldman, John Paul Sartre, Machiavelli, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Milton Friedman

In SAAS Library

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Hannah Arendt on YouTube

Audio which includes Arendt

On Violence

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Also helpful is this essay "Reflections on Violence" (1969)

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A-Z Databases

Interview: Hannah Arendt 1 of 2

Library of Congress

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JSTOR results for Hannah Arendt

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Hannah Arendt


"In the pursuit of justice and closure in the aftermath of the Holocaust, many presumed it would come in the form of Adolf Eichmann's trial. But Hannah Arendt, a Jewish writer who had fled Germany prior to Hitler's ascent to power, would engage not only the Jewish people, but humanity in general in her assessment of the how any individual could be transformed into a perpetrator."

from the website: Perpetrators

More quotes


There are many clips of Hannah Arendt on YouTube however many are in French or Spanish.

Dramatic Film: Hannah Arendt Biography with subtitles


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National Archives

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