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Salon Project - The Great Thinkers: Ayn Rand

Emma Goldman, John Paul Sartre, Machiavelli, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Milton Friedman

Online videos

From American Writers archives May 12, 2002, 3-5pm ET on C-SPAN:

  • Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand Scholar 
    Watch 2 hrs. 1 mins.

  • Interview with Ayn Rand from 1961
    Watch 30 mins.

  • Panel Discussion: "Ayn Rand, Communism and the Hollywood Blacklist"
    Watch 1 hr. 2 mins.

  • Panel Discussion: "The Fountainhead and Today's World"
    Watch 33 mins.

  • Speech: Jeff Britting, Archivist, Ayn Rand Archives on "Ayn Rand and Hollywood: Soviet Film School to The Fountainhead"
    Watch 1 hr. 4 mins.

Ayn Rand on the Johnny Carson show

Ayn Rand's Last Interview

Video of Ayn Rand's interview with Mike Wallace in 1959

Video fo Ayn Rand's interview with Phil Donohue in 2007


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Ayn Rand

1905 - 1982

"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).

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