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Our library is stretchy.


If you cannot find what you need there is a possibility you need help searching or understanding the full options of the library and/or the web. As a first step email me so we can discuss it (Kathy at kjohnson@)

If we do not have what you need your library can  s t r e t c h  to meet your needs. Below I describe a number of stretch options which are listed by delivery times.


Resources that can be obtained the same day:

  • I am able to add titles/subjects to our Ebrary collection if available from the vendor. 
  • I can order a Kindle book for a library kindle device which you can then check out. Please check first in the Amazon Kindle store to see if what you want is available. 
  • Teachers: email me about emergency video needs.


Resources that can take 2-4 days:

  • Articles can be ordered from the University of Washington. They usually come through email as a digital file.


Resources that can take up to 2-14 days: 

  • Books can be ordered through Interlibrary loan. 
  • Books / DVDs can be ordered through Amazon.


Resources that can take up to six weeks:

  • New magazine/journal orders take the longest! 

The Cardinal Says:

If we don't have it,

we will get it.