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1220 E Spring St. (1st & 2nd Floors)

Welcome to the new Learning Commons in the STREAM building.

How is the library connected to the Learning Commons? Learning Commons originated in college and university libraries as librarians focused on student learning. They discovered that student learning is enhanced by multi-purpose spaces that provide a host of student services - all in one convenient space.  The Learning Commons is typically a partnership between student support services while also providing space for events of all kinds.

"Over the past twenty years, libraries have embraced the concept of 'seamless learning', which demands the creation of holistic spaces that combine research, technology, and other student services. The quest for seamless learning" has led to the development of a multi-purpose space we call the Learning Commons.1

"This is a view of the library as a learning enterprise more than as an information repository." 2

1 - Accardi, Maria T.; Cordova, Memo; and Leeder, Kim. (2010). "Reviewing the Library Learning Commons: History, Models, and Perspectives". College & Undergraduate Libraries, 17(2-3), 310-329.

2. Sullivan, 2010. Design Wiki: Learning Commons.

Science Reading Rooms

1220 Spring St. (3rd & 4th Fl)

The third and fourth floors of the STREAM building include Science Reading Rooms. The third floor space includes a collection of approximately 300 science books taken from the library's main collection (Dewey section 500). There is also a 6-title magazine rack here. The fourth floor reading room includes teacher and Science Department books including library-supplied technical journals.