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Various sources of e-books


Our Ebrary Academic Collection contains 83,000+ e-books. This is equivalent to a good undergraduate library collection. Use the widget below to search Ebrary 


NOTE: It is possible to add books to our Ebrary collection if the title or subject is available from a larger Ebrary collection of 750,000 books. If you have a specific title or subject you would like added, please email Kathy at kjohnson@ and I will check for availability. Upon order completion it can take up to three hours for the title to become accessible in Ebrary. 

If we don't have a book you need, it might be available as an Amazon Kindle title. Check our catalog first to see if we might already have it.

Check the Amazon Kindle store (link below) to see if what you need is available. Write Kathy at kjohnson@ to request a Kindle library device be loaded with your desired title(s). Unfortunately, as of now, we cannot send Kindle books to personal Kindles. 

There are significant collections of free e-books online. Here are just a few of them. The E-book search engine might be the most efficient search as it searches multiple sites at once.

Google Books does not give the reader access to every page in the book. This is only a good choice if the pages you need are included in the public preview. (Search link below.)

FREE E-Book Collections