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Pairs' International Project (PIP): Home

Investigate one foreign countries economy and compare it to the United States including recommendations and tips for investors

Your Assignment

Major Statistics for Countries

United States Economic Data

Start Here - Our Best Databases

Country snapshots will give you at least one-third of what you need to complete your research paper.

CultureGrams also makes it possible to compare countries.

Below is a screen shot of a comparison between the United States and Venezuela. For a larger image try this link:



Search Ideas

  • [country] [specific topic]
  • [country] data inflation or deflation
  • [country] historical data [specific topic]
  • [country] data or statistics  [specific topic]
  • [country] "economic outlook"
  • [country] "economic strengths"
  • economic statistics by country
  • [country] "economic outlook"

When searching the web for statistics it is good to include one of these terms in your search.

  • charts
  • forms
  • statistics
  • data
  • numbers
  • trends
  • polling
  • figures
  • tables

Wall St. Journal

HOVER over links below to see summary of content and/or directions.

Congressional Debates online

Some relevant themes for US economics from Congressional Debates online. Sign on:  middle and t____.

Job Creation
March 2010

The Deficit and the Debt
February 2010

International Monetary Fund
April 1998