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20th Century United States - Barton Truscott: Getting Started

Choose a controversial topic and offer an opinion on it. Ten quality sources are needed: 3 books, 3 database/scholarly journals, 2 primary sources, and 2 additional sources.

Assignment Docs

Example topics

Clinton Impeachment
Reagan's Star Wars (SDI)
Bakke Case
Persian Gulf War, 1991
Vietnamization (Nixon's Vietnam War Policy )
Nixon's Pardon
Korean War
Roe v Wade
New Deal
Woodrow Wilson at Versailles
Manned Space Exploration
Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal
The Break-Up of Standard Oil
1960s Feminism
Malcolm X

Ebrary - Search 80,000 e-books


Book covers of books in the SAAS Library

Choose Your Topic by 6pm

  1. Choose a broad topic.
  2. Explore it in order to narrow down to a controversial issue.
  3. Express your controversy in one sentence.
  4. Discuss with Barton; have him ok the controversy.
  5. Begin pre-research on your topic.

Resources Checklist

You need 10 quality sources in total: here are some suggestions for places to look.

3 Books

If you can't find what you need, I can order a book or kindle book for you. You choose the title.  Email me: kjohnson@    We have kindles to lend. I cannot send a book to your personal Kindle however; Amazon doesn't play nice like that.

3 Database/Scholarly Journals

  • Search this guide. See tabs for decades.  Home page offers general suggestions. Example: the various Presidential Libraries are listed on the home page. 
  • Google
  • Bing

2  Primary Sources

  • See Primary Source tab above for an entire page dedicated to primary source sites on the web.

2  Additional Sources


Pre-Research SAVES Time

Gain a general understanding of your controversy and be on the look out for vocabularly to use in your searches.

Google Books

Google Book Search

Google Scholar - Articles

Google Scholar Search

SAAS Library Catalog

SAAS Library Catalog app: look for LibraryWorld in your favorite app store (see logo above). 

Mobile-friendly database page is here

JStor Titles



Academic OneFile logo

Academic OneFile is a very helpful database offered by the Seattle Public Library. The document above written by our history teacher Steve Retz explains step-by-step how to access this database. You will need a library card and pin.